Shocking confession of Karel Gott: The world is controlled by a small group of people!

January 10, 2012

PRAGUE - Czech singer Karel Gott put aside his typical smile and debitnair look and introduced himself for a while in an unconventional role of a prophet. Multiple “Gold Nightingale” prizewinner makes no illusion of humankind future; he predicts a coming of new totality and says that ordinary people are mere puppets manipulated by a group of rich finance men and occultists.

"I am convinced that, particularly during the recent centuries, there have been no mistakes or errors; by contrast, politics has been unfolding according to precise scripts. Nothing happens by accident, not even the most evil things such as wars. Winners of a war are determined long before the war. Exactly the same banks supported those who unleashed wars and negotiated with those who were attacked. The banks then collected payments for weapons they supplied. The course of the world is dictated and controlled by them – so-called Illuminati or “enlightened”, as well as holy orders, lodges and occult-mystical organizations,” Karel Gott answered a question of server if voters could learn from their mistakes.

The unorthodox conversation continued in this interesting spirit. Gott commented not only the East-West polarization, but also the globalization. "I’m worried about the course of events all over the world which is heading toward a TOTAL GLOBALIZATION, which will eventually end in one totalitarian world government. All small banks will bankrupt – it’s already beginning now – and all giant banks will start merging until, eventually, only one bank remains which will dictate to all. One world currency will be introduced which will control everything and it will create a starting point for the introduction of the cashless system of payment implemented by means of microchips and invisible laser codes, which will most likely be built into our bodies. This will make it possible to collect all information about all people and to control everybody from one government center,” the singer presented his pessimistic looking at the future. He says we will eventually find out that "we will have become a subject of not only control, but also mind manipulation."

Although his words may seem to be overstated, he does not consider them to be utopia. "I fear that all orwellian visions, which seemed to be so unreal at the beginning, will one day be fulfilled. An era may come when we will reminisce about past totalities. In any case, if one could have done nothing during those totalities, one could at least keep for himself his own thoughts, views and opinions.” he concluded.


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